TitleAuthor NamesAttendance
Nullius in VerbaRobert Scott Thompson ()*N/A
Still LifeCesare Saldicco (SALDICCO)*N/A
Ha for Piano solo and Live-electronicsJo Yeabon (Chugye Univ.)*N/A
Nel Buiomattia benedetti (Conservatorio Perugia)*N/A
RuahFabio Fabbri (Musicamica)*N/A
Scar of UlyssesChristian Eloy (petites formes)*N/A
KYAGER for Sheng, Trombone, and ElectronicsPerMagnus Lindborg (Soundislands)*N/A
RunDavid Berezan (University of Manchester)*N/A
When Left To His Own DevicesJon Nelson ()*N/A
Inharmonic Fantasy No. 10Hubert Howe, Jr. (NYCEMF)*N/A
Tessellation RiftUlf A. S.  Holbrook (University of Oslo)*N/A
Tan Qing Shui He – For Kyma and Nintendo Wii RemoteMengzhumei  Yang (University of Oregon)*N/A
OutwashShawn Greenlee (Rhode Island School of Design)*N/A
Anarchy in the OrganismRob Godman (University of Hertfordshire)*N/A
Frac>Tal_3Eduardo Palacio (FONCA)*N/A
For HalseyKory Reeder (KoryReederMusic)*N/A
KeepGoingOnantonio mazzotti (MENT)*N/A
Gestured Based Live percussion performance piece Lu Wang (NYU)*N/A
Questi altri fuochi tutti contemplanti uomini fuoro – for stereo tape Benoit Granier (Mr)*N/A
Rhythmic bottleGuo huimu (Conservatoire de Bordeaux)*N/A
Nuit sauvage Matías Fernandez (Matías Fernández Rosales)*N/A
ClaustroStavropoulos NIkos (Leeds Beckett University)*N/A
Transversal ThirdAlessandro Di Maio (Alessandro Di Maio)*N/A
Matteo Tomasetti – “Kunst=Leben=Kunst” Matteo Tomasetti (Conservatorio L.Refice)*N/A
No WhereEli Stine (Oberlin Conservatory)*N/A
Sheng (2010) for Cello and 4-Speaker AudioAnthony De Ritis (Northeastern University)*N/A
“Split”Hsien-Te Hsieh (Nation Chiao Tung University)*N/A
Traces of Hong KongAdam Collis (Coventry University)*N/A
εAurigaeAntonio Carvallo  (Universidad Católica )*N/A
TN_C*J_SCL20Juan Parra Cancino (Orpheus Institute)*N/A
desacuerdosFede Camara Halac (NYU)*N/A
Scribbles in SpaceMarc Ainger (independent)*N/A
By the Broken BarnAlexander Meinhof (UCSB); Jack Kilgore (UCSB)*N/A
La Mecánica de las CosasFederico Schumacher (Universidad Diego Portales)*N/A
algo bloom 2fLuka Kozlovacki (IEM)*N/A
The Sky Is The Score #1Michael Spicer (Singapore Polytechnic)*N/A
Opening SpacesMara Helmuth (University of Cincinnati)*N/A
this is like…Keisuke Yagisawa (Tamagawa University)*N/A
Elegy (Ready, Set, Rapture)Rob Hamilton (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)*N/A
Three States of WaxJonathan Impett (Orpheus Institute, Ghent)*N/A
On the transparency of seeing throughSean Peuquet (Ludic Sound)*N/A
VocemIoannis Andriotis (NYCEMF)*N/A
A Room Full of GhostsAndrew May (University of North Texas)*N/A
“hollow” for feedback saxophone, feedback mixer, and feedback PVC tubesTed Moore (Composer)*N/A
Fragrancy- For flute and electronicsJunzuo Li (China Conservatory of Music)*N/A
Mombasa mixFelipe Otondo (Universidad Austral de Chile)*N/A
Premonitions and ReverberationsAndrew Walters (Mansfield University)*N/A
CAGEquadSever Tipei (University of Illinois Computer Music Project)*N/A
los otros dias nomarcelo espindola (cech)*N/A
Orrery ArcanaNicole Carroll (University of Newcastle)*N/A
ParticlesRodrigo Cadiz (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)*N/A
Landschaft-VJuan Escudero (————)*N/A
Dominant Negative MutationsEdmar Soria (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana UAM Lerma)*N/A
Effector//Attractor//CaptorClovis McEvoy (University of Auckland)*N/A
RoutesAdrian Moore ()*N/A
QUE SUS NOMBRES CUBRAN EL HORIZONTE. 23 lamentos por los muertos en Estado de Emergencia en Chile // LET THEIR NAMES COVER THE HORIZON — 23 lamentos for the dead in the State of Emergency in Chile.Jose Miguel Candela (Universidad de Chile)*N/A
Last LightBenjamin Broening ()*N/A
Unawakened Routine of a SalarymanMinchang Han (Sambong Music)*In person
Hymn for Creators (2019,5’30”) -Interactive Audiovisual PerformanceShihua MA (EMAC)*In person
A awake  gustavo chab (gustavo chab)*In person
Fanfare in slow-motionAndre Perim (Andre Perim)*In person
junkturesJason Fick (Oregon State)*In person
“Selenograph” For Piano and Live ElectronicsHaolun Gu (Tokyo University of the Arts)*In person
Les aurores pourpresStephane Roy (Independent)*In person
AbyssalNi Zheng (University of California San Diego)*In person
AdumbrationsDavid Nguyen (UIUC)*In person
ConvergencesJoshua Tomlinson (NYCEMF)*; George Holmes (Freelance)In person
duetSteven Ashby (Virginia Commonwealth University)*In person
ReverieLeah Reid (University of Virgnina)*In person
Qishi II (氣勢二) an acousmatic music for multi-channel diffusionYu Chung  Tseng (National Chiao Tung University)*In person
World of Colors (2015)Epameinondas Fassianos (The University of Manchester)*In person
4 PalmiMirko Ettore D’Agostino (Institute of the Arts Barcelona)*In person
Waterside for Piano & Live-ElectronicsYeonju Kim (none)*In person
EsquinasGuillermo Eisner (1980)*In person
Cinco danzas para un autómata inmovil /Five dances for an immobile automatonRicardo de Armas (Bahía[in]sonora)*In person
Extended Psalter – A Musical Performance by Claudio MerletClaudio Merlet (Claudio Merlet)*In person
Lament: An Interactive Cabaret SongCourtney Brown (Southern Methodist University)*In person
Tape PieceKyle Vanderburg (North Dakota State University)*In person
Roomtone VariationsNicolas Collins (SAIC)*In person
Embodied Sonic Meditation East-West Duet: a Live Improvised PerformanceJiayue Wu (University of Colorado Denver)*; Chris Chafe (organization)In person
Baltazar’s Adventure through the Great MachineAdam Stanovic (organization)*In person
TexturasAndrés Quezada (Narval)*In person
Innerlogue for bassoon and live electronicsSing Nga Yung (Rita Yung)*In person
MirageMartin Svensson (BMS Music )*In person
No EntryDave O Mahony (University of Limerick)*In person
A short period of time and soundAgustin Spinetto (Tokyo University of the Arts)*In person
Fantasy Scenes for Alto Flute and live Electronic MusicXiao Hu (Electronic Music Department of Sichuan Conservatory of Music)*In person
HorologyLiona Kuo (NCTU)*In person
Churning Shells & Train (2018 Dec 11, Bench 2)Nathan Wolek (Stetson University)*In person
#FF0000Emilio Adasme (CECH)*In person
MetallicaShu Huang Chen (NCTU)*In person
behind Iago’s projectpaola lopreiato (university of plymouth)*; simone olivari (indipendent artist)In person
Dossier of OblivionDariusz Mazurowski (Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music)*In person
Terror Unraveled… Love Undefended.Pak Hei Leung (Bowling Green State University)*In person
Duo for Tamtam and ComputerCort Lippe (University of Buffalo)*In person
To The WindStefano Cucchi (I.T.B. Project Studio)*In person
AptosiRaphael Neron (Univestité de Montréal)*In person
Seepingli pengyun (wuhan conservatory of music)*In person
Orbitals for clarinet and mobile devicesJeremy Muller (Independent)*; Josh Bennett (Independent)In person
TraumMicael Silva (University of Campinas)*In person
Dancing in the EtherMikel Kuehn (Bowling Green State University)*In person
Cantus IIDiego de la Fuente (Universidad de Chile)*In person
PlekHiromu Takano (Independent)*In person
VoceST 3316Massimo Fragala’ (Independent)*In person
Recycled LinoleumTimothy Moyers (University of Kentucky)*In person
Hundreds of millisecondsAlejandro Albornoz (Universidad Austral de Chile)*In person
Homo SapiensChristoph Punzmann (Neuer Wiener Musikverein. Gesellschaft für Musik, Kultur und Performancekunst.)*In person
Séquence/MéditationTomás Koljatic (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)*In person
Etude pour un ordinateur seulEdgar Berdahl (Louisiana State University)*In person
FlupresjeMarcin Pączkowski (University of Washington)*In person
Spazio Sconosciuto (Undiscovered Space)Ken Paoli (College of DuPage)*In person
Moonlit shadowMengxue Tan (WUHAN CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC)*In person
The OtherShahrokh Yadegari (1961)*In person
AVATAR ImprovisationsScott Deal (IUPUI)*; Jason Palamara (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis)In person
planktonZHENG YU (Tokyo University of the Arts )*In person
Moonbow for audiovisual workTakeyoshi Mori (Senzoku Gakuen College of Music)*In person
dototo.007Masatsune Yoshio (Showa University of Music)*In person
Abstracted ObjectsEmma Margetson (Emma Margetson)*In person
EncroachingJAEYOUNG PARK (Independence)*In person
Aural Weather EtudeJosué Moreno (University of the Arts Helsinki)*; Vesa Norilo (University of the Arts Helsinki)In person
Illuminations I: CalibrationMatthew Barnard (University of Hull)*In person
on a rainy dayHanae Azuma (Tokyo University of the Arts )*In person
BREATH for Violin and live electronicsKANG SHINAE (Tokyo University of the Arts)*In person
DotsJinwoong Kim (Tokyo University of the Arts)*In person
Cicadas – A Life CycleYunze Mu (University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music)*In person
A Year In Dark ShadesVincent Caers (LUCA Arts)*; Klaas Verpoest (LUCA Arts)In person
Esquisse (in memorium Jean-Claude Risset)Richard Dudas (Hanyang University)*In person
LithophonicaJames Harley (University of Guelph)*In person
A Landscape of EventsJuan Carlos Vasquez (University of Virginia)*In person
Chil-Chae Deborah Kim (Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney)*In person
DrishtiDamian Anache (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes)*In person
The Cobbled AlleyYunpeng Li (Wuhan Conservatory Of Music)*In person
Qualia Incognita (ver. 3)Woon Seung Yeo (Ewha Womans University); Ji Won  Yoon (Keimyung University)*In person
Continuum (ver. 2)Ji Won  Yoon (Keimyung University); Woon Seung Yeo (Ewha Womans University)*In person
1(X)MBKittiphan Janbuala (College of music, Seoul National University )*In person
our skin buzzed in song togetherChris Hadley (1993)*In person
Do MoiréSean Hallowell (isorhythmics.org)*; SEAN HALLOWELL (Stanford University)In person
Desde adentroJuan Sanchez (Conservatory of Lyon)*Virtual
AllotropyMariam Gviniashvili (Individual artist)*Virtual
Taxidermia for electronicKatarina Gryvul (dgalapita)*Virtual
QinChi Wang (Indiana University)*Virtual
Bodies VSNicola Fumo Frattegiani (Conservatory of Music of Frosinone)*Virtual
Dolcissima mia vitaMassimiliano Tonelli (myself)*Virtual
The Man in the Mangroves Counts to SleepJames Moorer (JAMMINPOWER.ORG)*Virtual
break me, 2020Mayank Sanganeria (Self)*; Kurt Werner (Self)Virtual
Sonic Delusion IIKeun-Hong Kim (Daegu Catholic University )*Virtual
POINT SINKFred Szymanski (Independent)*Virtual
will all fall inChristopher Biggs (Western Michigan University)*Virtual
Genetic codeShuoyi Li (Sichuan Conservatory Of Music)*Virtual
Confucius SaysXiaohan Chen (National Chiao Tung University)*Virtual
AECHOMEClemens von Reusner (cvr)*Virtual
Anywhere Door薏倫 黃 (國立交通大學音樂研究所)*Virtual
NPFAI.4Dimitri Voudouris (Private)*Virtual
The Whale LanguageYi Xin Zhang (Sichuan Conservatory Of Music)*Virtual
Their Spirits Dwell In Mainframes Steven  Lewis (New York University )*Virtual
FLAUVIOLcesare gallo (conservatorio verdi milano)*Virtual
Surface Ripples Open DestiniesLarry Gaab (Morphosis Music)*Virtual
Phoenix and FirewhipSeth Shafer (University of Nebraska at Omaha)*Virtual
Eyes Draw Circles of LightNicola Giannini (Université de Montréal – CIRMMT)*Virtual
MoteSimone Castellan (Simone Castellan)*Virtual
BLACK MIRRORMassimo  Avantaggiato (Conservatorio Verdi Milano)*Virtual
KrumKairi Nagashima (Self-employment)*Virtual
Studio sui piani bassi (Office on the lower floors)Francesco Bossi (Individual)*Virtual
directionMamoru Takano (TOKYO METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY)*; Daichi Ando (Tokyo Metropolitan University); Tetsuaki Baba (Tokyo Metropolitan University); Kumiko Kushiyama (Tokyo Metropolitan University)Virtual
Incognito VisitGahyeon KIM (Hanyang University)*; Gahyeon KIM (Hanyang University)Virtual
Cause of Death Hoonmin Park (Korea National University of Arts)*Virtual
Golden AspenLevy Oliveira (UFMG)*Virtual
Circular-point,line and planesujin kim (korea national university of arts)*Virtual
CECIA project artistic outputKosmas Giannoutakis (ZKM)*; Artemi-Maria Gioti (Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics Graz); Juan Vasquez (University of Virginia); Panayiotis Kokoras (University of North Texas); Mariam Gviniashvili (Individual artist); Erik Nystrom (City, University of London); Martina Kosecka (Individual artist)Virtual
Ear Talk: Online Sound GatheringToshihisa Tsuruoka (New York University)*; Oliver Hickman (none); Leo Chang ()Virtual
TlatoaniRosalia Soria Luz (Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte)*Virtual
Hydrangea Chace Williams (Bowling Green State University)*Virtual
Giant DipperMei-ling Lee (University of Oregon)*Virtual
Ungelīc is ŪsEdmund Hunt (Royal Birmingham Conservatoire)*Virtual
Ingrain YarnSerin Oh (College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati)*Virtual